Choose a composite facade!

Composite facade of the Fletcher Hotel along the A2 motorway, Amsterdam

Composite is the perfect building material: it is half the weight of aluminium and it saves a factor of 10 compared to lightweight concrete. Composite is extremely strong and very low-maintenance. It also offers endless possibilities in terms of design, colours and designs, high or low transparency. This makes it possible to give a facade a personal touch and really stand out.

With a composite facade, an (old) building is given a new face, whole residential areas and shopping malls are refreshed and the low weight saves on building and renovation costs. A facade with a creatively thought-out design and smart choice of colour can eventually become an iconic eye-catcher for a city, village or area.

Composite facade ‘the bathtub’ – Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

A very well-known example of this is the new extension to the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, also known as ‘the bathtub‘. This sleek, modern facade of lightweight composite matches perfectly with the historic building from 1865 by A.H. Weissman.

Composite facade ‘the pill strip’ – music palace TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht

The music temple TivoliVredenburg, well known in the Netherlands and abroad, also consists of a combination of existing, traditional construction and a new, ultramodern extension. The so-called dots incorporated in the composite facade panels, provides a striking addition to the variety of architecture in the old Utrecht city centre. The design of the east and west facade is inspired by the cover of Madonna’s album “Confessions on a dance floor”. Also this building with composite facades soon got a nickname: “The Pillstrip”.

Composite facade with photo print – shopping centre in Klazienaveen, Drenthe

A more local eye-catcher is the facade of the shopping centre in Klazienaveen. This consists of Raficlad® composite facade panels with photo print. A photo print facade is the ultimate in individual design, because it can, for example, reflect the function of the building. In this case, the cheerful faces on the exterior facade of the shop premises create a welcoming effect.

From residential and office towers to schools, from shopping centres to museums, from business properties to military barracks or sports halls: what will be your next new building or renovation project with a Holland Composites composite facade? Please contact us