What is an Autoclave?

Holland Composites explains!

At Holland Composites, we use the most sophisticated industrial tools to make top-quality composite materials. One of our most important machines is the Autoclave. This is a combination of an oven and a pressure vessel, in which the temperature and pressure can be adjusted.

Composite products are cured in the Autoclave under (high) pressure and temperature. Due to the increased pressure and temperature, a high fibre volume content and a low content of air inclusions are possible, which results in optimal results.

Our Autoclave is one of the largest autoclaves in the Netherlands (and perhaps Europe) and has an internal size of 6.5 x 2.2 metres. Plenty of space for many large, heavily loaded structures. The curing process of composite is controlled by temperature and pressure. In this way we guarantee you the best product that meets the highest quality requirements.

Composite is lightweight, extremely robust, low maintenance and can be used in many ways and in various types of projects. Would you like to use top-quality composite products in your next new build, renovation or special project? Please contact us: info@hollandcomposites.nl. We will be happy to inform you about all the possibilities!