Lightweight composite roof structures

Sometimes a building or project is so special that it requires everything from the maker’s special knowledge. Creative thinking is a must in order to achieve the desired final result. We at Holland Composites are very good at that!

For example, artist James Turrell designed the Skyspace for Museum Voorlinden in Wassenaar-NL. This is a space with a square hole in the roof, through which you look straight up and see the sky as you have never seen it before. When it rains, the roof can be closed, thanks to the special retractable roof made of composite by Holland Composites.

The Yitzhak Rabin Centre in Tel Aviv-Israel also has a special composite roof – made by Holland Composites. It is a curved construction of several complex roof shells, in thicknesses varying from 200 to 300 mm. The total roof consists of 75 unique elements that are glued and finished on site. These free-standing sandwich wing roofs have a maximum span of 31 metres, with one of the points freely hanging over 9 metres.

Such a special construction can only be made if it concerns a lightweight, customizable, robust and low-maintenance material. Only composite has all these characteristics. Do you also want to realise a unique design with composite? Holland Composites is your proven partner. Please contact us via info@hollandcomposites.nl .