PRESS RELEASE: Holland Composites BV launches transparent wood = Raficlad Wood

February 5, 2019

Lelystad, the Netherlands – Holland Composites BV announces a new product: Raficlad Wood> transparent composite panels that look like translucent wood!

Bastiaan van Nunen says: “Raficlad Wood is a world first, inside and outside walls and facades that can be made of transparent wood. We are now able to combine the advantages of composite wall panels with the appearance of translucent wood.

The most important advantages are the durability (UV-resistant, colour fast, corrosion-free, chemically resistant and therefore easy to clean) and the great freedom of shape. Using a CNC-controlled water jet cutter we can cut out both flat and molded plates in any desired contour.

The composite Raficlad Wood panels are very color fast, do not corrode, are resistant to air pollution, acid rain and cleaning agents (glass cleaning, graffiti removal) and organic pollution (moss, scale) can easily be removed with the right cleaning tools and water. The facade will remain ‘new’ for a long period of time at low costs over the entire lifespan.

Raficlad “Wood” is available in all conceivable wood motifs and wood colors, flat or with freely configurable shapes from 2 to 15 mm thick and with a maximum size of 1,500 x 7,800 mm. More information about Raficlad Wood can be found here https://www.hollandcomposites.nl/en/composite-transparent-facade-raficlad/.

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